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HCS Episode 015 – Favourite Movies

favourite movies

We talk about what our favourite movies are from stories of triumphing through hardship to weird science fiction tales! Learn a bit more about Yaa and Simone! Show Notes The Color Purple Forrest Gump Mean Girls The Fifth Element The Moulin Rouge The Little Mermaid A book recommendation: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

HCS Episode 010 – Product Reviews

episode 10

Hair is the first word in our podcast name so it is due time we talk about it! We talk about our latest hair products and give reviews on them. We of course, start off talking about tech but completely move on to glorious, glorious hair! Show notes Microsoft Surface Studio Commercial Simone’s Big Chop …

HCS Episode 009 – Bad Client Experiences

episode 9

Hair Code Soul fam! This episode is a week and a half late. Yaa here and I take full responsibility for that. Bear with us as you rock out to this a week and half later than you shoulda. We got lots of stories in here and we go into why you should never tell …

HCS Episode 008 – Getting Trumped and Mansplaining

Episode 8

Happy Hallowe’en! Enjoy yourself today but please, no clowns! It is American Election season and Trump keeps tripping up, or is it, pulling a Trump? Simone shares her secret weapon against mansplaining in the for of a drinking game. When teenage clowns ATTACK! (Two teens dressed as clowns in Nova Scotia are arrested) 16 going …

HCS Episode 007 – Is black hair taboo?

is black taboo

We have made it to episode 7! This is important because in podcast lore, people don’t make it farther than this. You better believe that in two weeks we will be back with more! Onto the show notes! In this episode we has out whether it is taboo to talk about black hair outside the …

HCS Episode 006 – Spiritual Wealth and Big Dreams

episode 6

Spirituality means something different to each person and it is different from religion. What role does religion or spirituality play in determining how we live? If there was ever a time to be fearless – that is now. What is THE thing you would do if you know you wouldn’t fail? Think about what is …