HCS Episode 001 – Introducing Hair Code Soul!

Welcome to our first episode! We hope that you enjoy it.

In this episode you will get to know us and hear about our journey into the web! We gave major shout outs to our lovely community and so much more!

Show notes

  • Simone Holder – Holder Web Design – Simone’s Business Website
  • Yaa Otchere – Yaa’s Business Website
  • Ladies Learning Code – Canadian Not for Profit that focuses on teaching women and youth (and men too!) digital literacy skills
  • Hacker You – Toronto based coding school that offers a 9-week immersive program as well as a whole host of great part-time courses
  • Bada55.io – The biggest baddest hex colour out there! A nice colour resource
  • Stack Overflow – One of our top resources for finding answers to our questions
  • Smashing Magazine – An amazing collection of articles that keep our skills in tip top shape

Comments 2

  • Congratulations, Simone and Ya , on your first podcast! It was well done – interesting, witty, and informative!

    Where do you plan to go with this? Is it for fun or is there a goal? Just curious.

    Good luck and all the best!

  • Thank you very much Claudette! I can say for me, it is serving as an outlet for things that I see and experience as I am building my career. For now, my focus is on fun and getting our unique voices out there

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